Garfield Bay Water and Sewer District #82, PO Box 27, Ponderay Idaho 83852

Garfield Bay Water & Sewer District #82

Garfield Bay Water & Sewer District #82 is located on the west side of Lake Pend Oreille around Garfield Bay. The City of Sandpoint, Idaho is located approximately 10 miles to the northwest and the City of Sagle is approximately 5 miles to the west. The system currently serves an estimated 174 equivalent residential units (ERUs), most of which are single-family residential, and many of which are occupied seasonally.

 GBWSD has been in existence since 1977 and obtained its first permit for wastewater land application in 1978. Most of the collection system and the original lagoon system were construction in 1978, funded through a general obligation bond. The system was expanded and upgraded in 2008, including construction of an additional storage lagoon, irrigation pump station and additional land application area, funded through a Local Improvement District (LID).

 GBWSD’s current wastewater reuse permit was issued on July 27, 2017 and expires on July 27, 2027. For reporting years 2014 through 2019 the facility applied between 5.06 and 9.53 million gallon (MG) to the reuse site during the growing season. In March 2018, DEQ received a request from GBWSD to construct two (2) additional shallow piezometers (GW-00304 and GW-00305) for purposes of monitoring static ground water levels at management unit MU-00303. A minor permit modification was issued by DEQ for these piezometers on March 5, 2018.